Place Polarix onto an aching spot

on your body and you will
instantly feel better.

Polarix acts quickly to counter your pains,

it improves the quality of both food and water and positively affects your well-being

It is an accessory for natural healing

and rejuvenation that promises great results. 

By placing Polarix onto your chakras,

you establish balance in your organism.

Place Polarix onto an aching spot on your body

and you will instantly feel better.

Polarix – polarization disk for natural pain relief and self-healing

Polarix is a logarithmic antenna designed according to the principles of Dr Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla. It is a copper disk for natural healing, capturing natural energy from the environment and enabling cells to regain "healthy” oscillation, which promotes self-healing. The disk should be placed on painful areas of the body. Sometimes the pain may become more intensive, but this will subside after a short while.

It has a beneficial effect on symptoms such as:

  • pain in the abdomen, lower back, hips, neck, …
  • sciatica
  • constipation, indigestion 
  • arthritis
  • headache
  • menstrual pain, incontinence, haemorrhoids
  • decreased libido, problems with prostate or erection


Polarix on the body, on chackras and in the room  

By placing Polarix on chakras, a complete treatment program can be carried out. Placed on each chakra separately (root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra and crown chakra), Polarix boosts their bioenergy or vital energy, there by achieving a physical and mental balance. It also serves as an excellent tool for the opening and cleaning of chakras.
  • If placed on the forehead, is helps with the symptoms of inflammation of sinuses and headache
  • For a good sleep, place it under a pillow or next to the bed
  • To get rid of excessive weight, place the disk in the middle of the abdomen between the navel and the sternum each day for five to ten minutes
Polarix is also effective in the home environment:
  • when placed under a flower pot: it promotes better plant growth
  • when placed under a drinking glass: the energy delivered by Polarix detoxifies water 
  • when placed under a plate: it improves the quality of food and its taste 


Customer’s questions about the product

Gold chain and Polarix S – pendant?
I already use the large Polarix Gold and now I have ordered the small Polarix - gold pendant. However, as I don’t like the cotton cord included and I know that a metal chain should not be used for Polarix, I would like to know if I may use a real gold chain?E. K.
Answer: No, the string must not be metal, but can be made of cotton and plastic. A gold chain is not OK because the metal circle formed a metal cord creates a field that has a negative effect on well-being and health

What is Polarix made of?
I would like to know what material the disc and the disc antenna is made of and whether the material of the disc and the antenna (also) has an effect?A. J.
Answer: The disc is made of pertinax, the antennas are copper and some are gold-plated. The material itself has no effect on cell function, however, the copper and gold, when in contact with the skin, slowly penetrate the body, which has no effect on pain but is beneficial for the body, as only as much copper or silver as the body needs penetrates the skin.

Polarix water bottle
I have a water bottle that is not completely flat at the bottom, but has a very small bulge, and the lid is made of some kind of felt. Can I put a disc of the right size – i.e. 54 mm – in the lid, even a gold-plated one? Will this have an effect on the water? A. J.
Answer: Yes, Polarix will have an effect on water.

Polarix and contact with skin
Does the Polarix disc need to come into contact with my skin? A. J.
Answer: No, there can be fabric or plastic between the skin and the disc.

Polarix and energy
The disc is supposed to energise the body. Does this mean that I shouldn't wear it around the neck at night, have it under my pillow or next to my head on a pillow or behind the head on a shelf?  B. M.
Answer: You can have it on your body or place it next to you at night if it does not give you too much energy. Many people put it under their pillow or on their bedside table to sleep better.

Polarix on the body
I would like to know how best to place the disc on the body/skin – with the front facing the skin, so that the pattern rests on the body, or so that it points away from the body? D. S.
Answer: All the same//both is the same/it doesn’t matter.  
However, it is very important that the skin is not sweaty: it must be dry, otherwise the disc, which is the antenna, does not work.
The difference between the a copper and gold Polarix
How do a copper and gold Polarix differ in their effect? I. L.
Answer: They do not differ in their function because the Polarix is an antenna and the two metals are designed to be only a "tool” to pick up energy from the environment. But if the Polarix is placed on the body in such a way that the metal touches the skin, the body takes the metal through the skin according to its own needs. And this is where copper is often even more important, as it works to alleviate more problems than gold. However, copper leaves more residue on the skin, and the body is quicker to take it off the disc than gold. Simply put: a gold Polarix is more durable.

Operating radius//range of different Polarix sizes
I bought several Polarix discs from you. What is the range of the different sizes of discs (e.g. the largest disc should energise the rooms)? A. S.
Answer: Yes, the largest disc is designed to deliver vital concentrated bioenergy into rooms. It makes us feel better in such spaces, and is often used in meeting rooms to facilitate personal or business consensus.
The disc works best when pressed to the body where there is pain or to the chakras to force our cells to oscillate in a healthy and not sick manner. The disc therapy essentially means forcing all or as many cells as possible to oscillate or behave like healthy cells. The further the disc is from the affected area, the weaker is the effect. It is therefore best to keep it on the skin, taped securely with a micropore tape, put it in a pocket, however it also works from a bag that is resting against the body or at least close to the body.

Polarix on th head
The disc in the head area can only be used for about three minutes, but you say that the disc can be placed under the pillow in bed, where the disc is next to the head for several hours. A. S.
Answer: The warning to initially use the disc in the head area for about three minutes only is intended for patients with a head ilness; a rapid influx of new energy could, although extremely rare, cause a more severe manifestation of mental illness. Otherwise, the disc can be used on the head as elsewhere in the body.

The effect of Polarix Gold on the skin
Is the effect of Polarix Gold stronger in general or just for skin problems? A. D.
Answer: The effect of Polarix Gold is better when the disc is in direct contact with the skin. If the body needs the gold, especially the brain and heart, it will take as much of it as it needs from the Polarix through the skin.


  • "When I read your first article about Polarix, I knew I had to have it. Now, all of my family uses it. I place it both over painful spots and chakras. It also accompanies me while I sleep. Because it helps and is reasonably priced, I warmly recommend it!”
    Tanja, 51 yrs, office worker
  • "My experience is highly positive. Polarix makes water taste better. Whenever I put it over a painful spot, the pain goes away. In our family, we all use it. My son's migraine went away after five minutes; instead of throwing up, he was able to join the table for family dinner. It relieved me of cough and stopped my cold from progressing any further. Grade: perfect.”
    Manca, 50 yrs, Bachelor of Economics, CEO
  • "I bought Polarix because I trust your magazine. I knew it would help. And it did. Both me and my partner use it. We immediately noticed its effect. It helped me with my sleep issues and vaginal problems. It cured my partner's hemorrhoids and stomach. After seeing how it affects my and my partner's body, I lent it to my parents-in-law. They were immensely satisfied; it cured their head and lung pains. I'm about to buy another one.”
    Metka, 29 yrs, Student of Slavic studies
  • I always have it with me in my bag
    I received Polarix as a birthday present. At first I didn't know what to do with it. When I finally tried it I found that I felt better. I always have it with me in my bag. I first loaned it to friends I had been with for a few days, but they all soon bought their own or received it as a gift. It adapts to the body very well and is not annoying when I wear it. But I advise you not to forget it on your stomach or lower back when you are in a rush to go to the bathroom.

    Breda Z, 43 yrs
  • I was diagnosed with breast cancer
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. My tumour was successfully removed and at the same time four lymph nodes were extracted but fortunately they were benign. At that point, I decided to buy a Polarix on the recommendation of a colleague. I am using the smallest version of Polarix. In the evening, before I go to sleep, I wrap it around my left palm. I feel like it is helping to relieve the dull ache which affected my arm after the lymph nodes were removed. Buying your product was definitely the right decision.

    Karmen Li.
  • For a positive atmosphere
    We first bought a large Polarix that we have in the living room for a positive atmosphere. I myself have frequent headaches, and then I place the little Polarix for pain relief where it hurts. If I do this as soon as I am in pain, the headache will go away. Otherwise I always have a Polarix under my pillow. Even when I leave home, I always take it with me.

    Vera A., 68, B.Sc. economist
  • I put it on each chakra
    I've been using Polarix for a while and it often alleviates my problems. At the beginning of the corona epidemic, I had a toothache for a month and a half. I put Polarix on my cheek every day before bed and put it under my pillow at night. That's probably why the toothache wasn't severe and I found it easier to get to the dentist. If one day I feel worse, I put it on each chakra for five minutes. I often carry it in my pocket or around my neck. I've noticed that I feel better every few days.
    Milena Š., 67, Pensioner
  • I can't walk normally without Polarix
    I don't know how to write that you will believe me, but I can't walk normally without Polarix. If I don't wear it around my neck I feel dizzy when I walk. So I have to walk very slowly otherwise it will look like I'm drunk. Even the blood pressure without the Polarix fluctuates a lot, so with the Polarix I have it within normal limits. You could even say that it affects mental wellbeing as well. The first one broke where the hole for the string was, so I had to order a new one. I never take it off, I also wear it in my sleep. I strongly recommend using Polarix.
    Lila Ca.
  • I sleep like a log
    With Polarix under my pillow, I sleep like a log. I wake up rested. I had periods struggling with insomnia but then discovered via the internet that Polarix was invented to solve these problems.
    Urška U., 35, Nurse
  • I use the 54mm gold plated disc.
    1) Every spring I suffer from early hayfever with itchy eyes, runny nose and congested nose. I use the disc and put it on my forehead. The frontal sinuses and the blocked nose become uncongested and I can get air through my nose again.
    2) I also use the disc in the case of back pain. I put the disc on the painful area while sitting or lying down and the pain disappears after about 10-15 minutes, unfortunately not permanently.
    Christine M., 67, Pensioner
  • I like to use them in bed
    You wanted to collect opinions about the Polarix discs. I have had the discs for over a year and use them specifically for pain and restlessness. I especially like to use them in bed because my hips or neck hurts every now and then. I then put it directly on the painful area and especially on the solar plexus if there is restlessness. I can't do without it anymore.

    Franziska W., 68, Pensioner
  • I am healthy!
    Polarix discs give me back my health. Pain disappears, blockages go away and my well-being has improved considerably. My drinking water for coffee, tea and fruit juice is charged, as is the water for indoor plants and the result is impressive. I am healthy! Two small discs are always in my socks and they all dissolved my bloodstream congestion . I put two small discs on the eyes every day for half an hour and the eyes have stopped being too wet. Immediate relief occurs after training when the discs are placed on the sore muscles.
    Klaus Eichhorn
  • They make life easier
    Sometimes I want more and faster help from the discs. Everything is possible. They often produce the results you want. They make pain disappear and make life easier, even without medication.
    O Boeckle
  • It has become my indispensable companion!
    Fortunately at the age of 67 I cannot complain of any major illnesses. Sometimes, however, pain attacks the extension of the thumb, better known as tendonitis or in the shoulder joint, in the neck, in the lower back, all the effects of 40 years of sedentiary work. Regardless of where the pain occurs, I immediately put the Polarix discs on and use it to relax for about half an hour while lying down. Most of the time I don't need to put on the disc a second time because the pain is gone immediately after the treatment! I have already recommended the disc to several friends, all of whom are enthusiastic about the positive effect. I am very happy with this little emergency aid that is  easy to take with you and very easy to use. It has become my indispensable companion!
    Beatrix Kendler, 67
  • I bought the little Polarix disc
    My name is Dorett K. I am 49 years old and I live in Weimar in Thüringen. I have had a pain disorder for many years and therefore cannot work. Several months ago I bought the little Polarix disc to hang around my neck and have been wearing it every day ever since! Recently I also bought a shungite stone as a pendant and I wear it with it. So I have the supply and drainage forces and it feels very good! I would definitely buy another Polarix disc if mine broke. I deal a lot with energetic forces and my big dream is to have my own institute for alternative medicine. There I would work with the healing powers of the Polarix Disc and will also buy a multi-wave oscillator - which is the big brother of the Polarix Disc - and help people with it!
    Dorett Kuschmider

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