I bought the little Polarix disc
My name is Dorett K. I am 49 years old and I live in Weimar in Thüringen. I have had a pain disorder for many years and therefore cannot work. Several months ago I bought the little Polarix disc to hang around my neck and have been wearing it every day ever since! Recently I also bought a shungite stone as a pendant and I wear it with it. So I have the supply and drainage forces and it feels very good! I would definitely buy another Polarix disc if mine broke. I deal a lot with energetic forces and my big dream is to have my own institute for alternative medicine. There I would work with the healing powers of the Polarix Disc and will also buy a multi-wave oscillator - which is the big brother of the Polarix Disc - and help people with it!

Dorett Kuschmider

I put it on each chakra
I've been using Polarix for a while and it often alleviates my problems. At the beginning of the corona epidemic, I had a toothache for a month and a half. I put Polarix on my cheek every day before bed and put it under my pillow at night. That's probably why the toothache wasn't severe and I found it easier to get to the dentist. If one day I feel worse, I put it on each chakra for five minutes. I often carry it in my pocket or around my neck. I've noticed that I feel better every few days.

Milena Š., 67, Pensioner

For a positive atmosphere
We first bought a large Polarix that we have in the living room for a positive atmosphere. I myself have frequent headaches, and then I place the little Polarix for pain relief where it hurts. If I do this as soon as I am in pain, the headache will go away. Otherwise I always have a Polarix under my pillow. Even when I leave home, I always take it with me.

Vera A., 68, B.Sc. economist

I was diagnosed with breast cancer
I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. My tumour was successfully removed and at the same time four lymph nodes were extracted but fortunately they were benign. At that point, I decided to buy a Polarix on the recommendation of a colleague. I am using the smallest version of Polarix. In the evening, before I go to sleep, I wrap it around my left palm. I feel like it is helping to relieve the dull ache which affected my arm after the lymph nodes were removed. Buying your product was definitely the right decision.

Karmen Li.

I always have it with me in my bag
I received Polarix as a birthday present. At first I didn't know what to do with it. When I finally tried it I found that I felt better. I always have it with me in my bag. I first loaned it to friends I had been with for a few days, but they all soon bought their own or received it as a gift. It adapts to the body very well and is not annoying when I wear it. But I advise you not to forget it on your stomach or lower back when you are in a rush to go to the bathroom.

Breda Z, 43 yrs

"I bought Polarix because I trust your magazine. I knew it would help. And it did. Both me and my partner use it. We immediately noticed its effect. It helped me with my sleep issues and vaginal problems. It cured my partner's hemorrhoids and stomach. After seeing how it affects my and my partner's body, I lent it to my parents-in-law. They were immensely satisfied; it cured their head and lung pains. I'm about to buy another one.”

Metka, 29 yrs, Student of Slavic studies

"My experience is highly positive. Polarix makes water taste better. Whenever I put it over a painful spot, the pain goes away. In our family, we all use it. My son's migraine went away after five minutes; instead of throwing up, he was able to join the table for family dinner. It relieved me of cough and stopped my cold from progressing any further. Grade: perfect.”

Manca, 50 yrs, Bachelor of Economics, CEO

"When I read your first article about Polarix, I knew I had to have it. Now, all of my family uses it. I place it both over painful spots and chakras. It also accompanies me while I sleep. Because it helps and is reasonably priced, I warmly recommend it!”

Tanja, 51 yrs, office worker