When should we opt for Polarix?

We should opt for Polarix whenever feeling any kind of pain. We place Polarix over the painful spot. Mostly the pain stops right away but sometimes, before completely stopping, it momentarily intensifies. Experience of various users tell us that Polarix is a great alternative to painkillers; we are proud to say that it is a great accessory for alternative healing.

Can we use Polarix while simultaneously using painkillers?

Of course, particularly if the pain is strong. Nevertheless, it is recommended to stop using painkillers once the pain becomes milder.

Is it necessary to place Polarix directly on the skin when self-healing?

No, it functions the same when put on clothing. Polarix comes wrapped into a plastic wrapper which is very simple to stick onto skin or clothing with a piece of tape.

Can we keep it in a pocket or a purse?

Because it also functions from a distance, you may keep it in a pocket or a purse. We should however keep in mind that the further away from the body it is placed, the less power it has.

How often should we use it for self-healing?

We should start by wearing it for about 10 minutes a day. If it doesn't bother us, we can keep it on 24/7. However, one should use it very carefully when suffering from a headache or other head conditions. In such cases, it is recommended to keep it on for only a few minutes while carefully observing its effects on the body as dizziness could occur. If dizziness does occur, it is recommended to temporarily remove it and try again later.

Should we only place it over painful spots for pain relief?

No, we should also place it over our chakras to heal, cleanse and balance them. The precise instructions that come with Polarix will explain the application. It is highly recommended to read the instructions before starting to use Polarix.

May we lend it to other people?

Yes, you can share it with your friends, family or colleagues. You can also use Polarix to help a pet in pain. Polarix is not sensitive to cell oscillations of living organisms. On the contrary, it channels various oscillations from the environment in order to please various living beings.

Is it OK to take it out of the plastic wrapper?

Of course. The main function of the wrapper is to make Polarix easier to use and easier to clean. We can replace the plastic wrapper once it stops to serve its function.

How do we clean Polarix?

With a damp cloth. With alcohol wet wipes for disinfection purposes.

Which side of Polarix should face the body?

It doesn't matter as both produce the same effect.

Can Polarix be harmful in any way?

No, but we should warn you about the possibility of it causing slight drowsiness if one’s body is not used to it.

Can exposure to electromagnetic devices cause Polarix to stop working?

No, electromagnetic devices cannot inflict any damage on it because Polarix doesn’t emit or receive them. Nevertheless, it is good for a human being not to spend too much time in electromagnetically polluted environments.

How long does Polarix last?

If it's not mechanically damaged, it works forever. You buy it once and use it a lifetime.

What is the difference between Polarix and Rescue-Polarix?

The rescue Polarix is a gold-plated Polarix with a diameter of 26 mm and a special adhesive tape that allows you to stick the Polarix to any place where you are in pain; for example, on your elbow, knee, neck, ankle, wrist, etc. It is sold in a "package" so you always have the right adhesive tape and Polarix at hand.

Can I wear the Polarix gold pendant around my neck all the time?

Yes, you can wear it continuously, but it is best if it "covers" the heart chakra.