Terms and conditions

Our online store polarixdisc.com, managed by the company Ara založba d.o.o, strives to give you a detailed and comprehensive insight into the products it offers. We guarantee you that all of the information presented on our website is exact and trustworthy. We are obliged to send you your purchased products right away so that they reach you in the shortest time possible. If you are not happy with your purchased product and decide to return it, you may choose to do so. We offer you a smart & responsive return system.

The buyer of our products may be a company or a private person.

The prices of our products are definite and refer to the day of the purchase, that is to the day on which your order was placed via our website polarixdisc.com.

The provider treats all orders placed on Polarixdisc.com as final and irrevocable.

If it is communicated to us that the transaction can not be properly carried out, we may refuse to take your order.

All of the products presented via our online store are of high quality and entirely correspond to their online descriptions.

Privacy and personal data protection

The provider ensures that it takes into account all consumer rights as specified in the latest version of the consumer protection act. The provider may gather personal data of the purchaser with the sole purpose of establishing an adequate communication path between the purchaser and the provider. That includes sending purchased products, receipts and informative material. The purchaser can reject these conditions via e-mail.

The provider is obliged to treat the personal data gathered in line with the latest version of the personal data protection act. The provider is in no case allowed to pass on the personal data of its customers to a third party.

Contract procedure

In order to conclude the contract procedure, we adhere to the following steps:

- Searching for a certain product in our online store

- Selecting one or multiple products in our online store

- Adding your chosen product to our e-basket

- Determining the quantity (number) of the chosen product

- Overview of the product's quantity and the corresponding price

- Filling out the form with your personal data

- Adding a shipping address (if it differs from the one you afforded us with in the

previous step)

- Choosing a payment method (credit card, paypal)

- Final overview of your order

- Confirming and finalizing your order

Technical means for identifying and fixing errors before the order is carried out

Before confirming and finalizing your order, the customer is enabled to:

- Review the chosen products

- Review the prices and the quantity of the chosen products along with the total

price of the order

- Modify the quantity of the chosen products

- Remove the products from the basket

- Add a business account

After the transaction is carried out, the provider sends a confirmation e-mail to the customer's e-mail address. All placed orders are collected in electronic form and are saved in the provider's database.


The provider currently provides one payment option:

-Payment with VISA and Mastercard credit cards through Paypal: The payment is 100% safe and possible without paypal registration.

Delivery time and shipping

All of your purchased products will be sent through The Post of Slovenia. All orders placed before 3 pm (15:00) will be dispatched on the same day or the day after. If the customer does not receive his purchased products during the period of 5 days after his order was placed, he should report it to our phone number +386 1 431 20 25 or to our e-mail address info@polarixdisc.com.

Shipping costs

All shipping costs are 5€.

Return policy

The customer has a right to withdraw from the contract during the period of 14 days after the contract was finalized. In that case, the customer is not obliged to specify the reason. The customer must communicate his decision via our e-mail address: info@polarixdisc.com. The return shipping costs are paid by the customer.

The withdrawal period lasts 14 days and commences with the day on which the customer becomes the actual proprietor of the purchased product, or in other words, when he receives his purchased product.

In case of your withdrawal from the contract, we will return your money in a period of 14 days after receiving your withdrawal confirmation.

Before we return your money, we must be sure that all the products have been sent back to us or that they are at least on their way. We may postpone the money return transaction until we get sufficient evidence that our products are on their way back to us.

If he already received the products and then chooses to withdraw from the contract, the customer must make sure that all of the products he is to return are intact and in their purchased quantity. The returned products must be accompanied by a receipt. Even though it is not neccessary, we will be happy if the customer specifies a reason for returning our products.

The provider is not obliged to accept the customer's withdrawal from the contract if the products or their packaging is damaged or missing.

The returned products must be accompanied by a copy of the original receipt.

The customer must send the products he wants to return to the following address:

ARA založba
Zadobrovška 88
1260 Ljubljana-Polje

All return shipping costs are paid by the customer.

If the customer decides to return the products for some other reason than a defect, the customer must cover all expenses: the return shipping cost, the cost of the next shipping (if some other products are purchased instead of the product originally purchased) and the potential price difference.


The provider is accountable for damage to products sold via his online store. All damage, if discovered by the customer, must be reported to our e-mail address info@polarixdisc.com or to our phone number +386 1 431 20 25. The returned products must be accompanied by a copy of the original receipt. During the period of 5 days after receiving the confirmation, the provider will provide the customer with exact information about how the return process is going to be carried out.